Thursday, 28 August 2014

Family holiday to La Costa Brava.

Another summer spent in lovely Costa Brava. I will never get tired of it. 

We found bunkers in the forest! 

The only day it rained, it rained real good. 

One of those moments when clouds and light become best friends.  

Absolutely useless and lovely blue door. 

Naia is a strawberry. As if she wasn't cute enough. 

The parents. At the beach with style. 

Naia's first day at the beach. 

Siesta time. 

Dre tries to show off her muscles to my family but nobody looked at her. 

Lekker fris. 

Family of four. 

Ay, qué pillo!


That smile softens me. 

Massive aloe and Dre for scale. 

Llafranc from a distance. 

Dre and I hiked all the way to Cala Pedrosa. It was my second time there and again, it was a highlight of the holiday. 

Big field and me for scale. 

Dre and I decided this would be fine for us if we put bunk beds in it. 

Nice paths. 

Information about autochthonous and invasive flora. 

Happy Dre. 

Fairy tale forest. 

After two hours of hiking in the heat, we finally got there.
I love Cala Pedrosa despite it's stony surface hard to sleep on. 

Camouflaged lizard. 

Dre doing her part. 

The master chef. 

A garden that's missed. 

Family visit! My god daughter is so grown up, funny and awesome. 


Strike a pose. 

Proof that Helen always sleeps with one eye open. 

Confusing Naia with a doll. 

My mum draws Floyd. 

Floyd draws my mum. 

These girls were selling painted rocks for 1 cent each. I gave them some tips on valuing their work and increasing their prices. 

Good colour for a wall. 

Nice poster. 

That time of day when everything looks blue. 

Dre's ridiculously blue eyes. I swear I didn't photoshop my teeth. 

Habaneras in Calella de Palafrugell. 

Their mouths were open because they all knew the songs and were singing along. 

Llafranc by night. 

Floyd getting no help to carry his things. And dealing with it. 

Helen. Food. Smile. 

Selfie conveniently gone blurry to cover our skin imperfections. 


Senders, Scheiner, Sender - Sheiners. 


Smiley sista. Guapa. 

More than one way is possible.


Pensive Floyd. 

With all the time in the world to do whatever they please together. 

Floyd and Naia.